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Leaving beautiful Sydney

Onto Auckland, New Zealand

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We are all packed, so we took the opportunity to walk to the harbour for one last look and a few more pics. Of course it was a beautiful sunny morning and very warm already.
Bit of a mix up with our pick up - guy had wrong name but eventually got to airport. The queue for the terminal for drop off area was huge and our driver said it would take 25mins at least to get there. Cars were let in one at a time. The other option, which all onboard went for was to drop us further down for us to walk a short way. It was no more difficult for us with modern wheeley cases. We made the right decision as I think it would have taken us longer than 25mins looking at the queue.
Sydney Airport is huge. We were unable to book in on-line for some reason, so had to find a NZ Air member of staff. She was very helpful and did the check in with us at the machine. She said it was because we were going elsewhere after NZ and they needed to ask questions. This was a bit odd as no other airline had asked these questions. But no problem and we printed our boarding tickets.
No problem with the weight either, although both cases had heavy stickers attached and I haven’t even bought anything yet!!
Had a nice breakfast at The Bistro. Some of the breakfasts being brought out looked amazing. (I always fancy what others have ordered)!
Boarded a little later and found our seats. Lovely extra leg room. Flight was slightly delayed as luggage had to be taken off for passengers who had not arrived. This was done fairly quickly.
Nice flight, not bad food only 3 hrs, 15mins.
Lovely and sunny in Auckland.
Found the Super Shuttle after asking a couple of people and had a good journey to our hotel.
We were on the 4th floor and room was very nice. Outlook wasn’t too good. But in the centre of the City unless you are really high up, at a premium cost, you won’t see much. Suited us for 2 nights.

After a freshen up we walked to the harbour area. Lots of huge posh cruise craft there. Nice meal, need to find the bill to remember the name, it there are lots to choose from.

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Last evening

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After the very tiring trip to the Blue Mountains, which we didn’t get to see due to the weather, we spent our last evening next to the harbour in Sydney. It was absolutely buzzing and the weather had improved. Around the Opera House it was very busy and lots enjoying a Saturday evening. The Chinese Year of the Pig and the Lunar Festival, there were lighted animals, music and stalls selling all sorts.
We arrived late evening in 40C, had the following 2 days of rain and left in 40C sunshine. Unprecedented and extremely unlucky. But we still loved it. So maybe, we could be lucky enough to come back.

Onto New Zealand.

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Blue Mountain trip

Saturday 2nd February

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Picked up by Diamond Tours. Went on to pick others up. Not all on time but never mind. It was wet again and whilst driving to the Blue Mountains the heavens opened and it poured with rain. We were the only British couple on the minibus the majority being American. The driver/guide Rod spoke about Aborigines which was interesting but the guy next to him spoke about a truck. From then on the conversation revolved around trucks, cars, what was in Rods garage (tools etc.). Then Rod went on to talk about his Aunts, Uncles, how many jobs his son had etc. And boy was it boring and sorry he had a boring voice.
I also think that Rod was not exactly dressed well to represent his company. Not at all like the other tour companies we had been on.
Arrived at a cafe and had coffee and a very nice doughnut. We were supposed to have a view of the 3 Sisters, but visibility was nil.
Onto the Rainforest where we got on a railway going down to the bottom of the gorge. Still raining. Got off and walked along a boardwalk through the rainforest in the pouring rain to the cable car which took us to the top. It was so wet and foggy we couldn’t see anything. Such a shame. Oh and I was also bitten by presumably a mosquito!
Back on board the minibus we went for lunch at Lopstone Hotel and it was very nice. We were then taken to Featherdale Wildlife Park. Saw some interesting species, but some of the animals did not seem overly happy. It had stopped raining and became quite humid.

Left the park for the ride to the ferry to take us back to Sydney. Passed the Olympic Stadium on the way. The ferry back was the highlight of the trip. Also the weather had improved. Sorry Rod you were an easy going guy and you seemed to appeal to the Americans but definitely not to us.
Try AAT Kings Tours.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Friday 1st pm

This is the one we’ve been waiting for. Or in my case trepidation.
It was overcast with the danger of raining but they don’t cancel.
Very well organised. Everyone is breathalised as for obvious reasons you shouldn’t have alcohol in your system. Suits given to you, peak cap etc., all clipped on, so no danger of dropping anything over the side.
After being fitted out with the harness, we were given training on a platform, going up and down steps in the correct way.
As I was quite nervous, we had to go after the guide, Lyndsey, which was good for us. Once I got used to the height and the steps, I was okay.
We wer around half way up when it started to rain. Very light but still wet! Then it got heavier and we needed to put our raincoats on.
The views were spectacular it we did not see the Blue Mountains.
Lyndsey was very clued up and we stopped every now and then to hear about the history of the bridge. (We all had earphones on).
I felt quiet emotional at the top. By this time though we were quite wet and we were quite happy to start climbing back down. Our hands were getting quite cold. I know they provide fleeces and gloves when it is really cold.

I am not sure I would want to climb it is 40C heat, but it could have been a little kinder. You can’t control the weather unfortunately.
FABULOUS though and lucky to have had the experience.

Went out to the Ribs and Burgers, The Rocks, for dinner. It was pouring with rain. The place was packed, the meal was great.

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Friday 1st February am

Manly Beach Tours


Okay. After a very windy night, it is now wet and drizzling. Not quite what we expected of Sydney.
Went to pick up point for our trip with AAT Kings Tours.
Trys our driver/guide was excellent and pointed out everything we needed to know on the way to Manly Beach. We crossed Sydney Harbour Bridge (to be climbed later today) and drove to a good spot to take photos. Trys gave some tips on getting a good photo. He was obviously a keen photographer. It wasn’t raining at this time and we managed to get some good shots.
Onto Manly, which is a really lovely very long beach. Popular with surfers as the beach within the harbour was home to 🦈 sharks.
We had brunch here with coffee at Hemingway’s and even managed to sit outside. Spare time to paddle in the sea and back to coach.
Good trip.

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