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Raehiti Lodge 14th

Could stay here forever

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Wow. Such a beautiful place in Kenepuru Sound. All rooms are on ground level and our room number 1 just next to reception, restaurant etc. Gorgeous sea view and so peaceful. Rooms don’t have TV or telephone. No need. There aren’t many rooms which makes it less commercialised and special. Leanne and Alan are very welcoming and the attention to detail in the lodge, which they have owned for the past 5 years, is next to none. Nothing is too much trouble.
The food is the best we have encountered so far in NZ. All the staff seem really happy to be working there and who wouldn’t be. I said to Spencer, if heaven is like this, then I’m happy to go now (bringing everyone I love with me of course)!!

Went swimming off the jetty which is what we needed to cool down and chill. Wish we had more than 2 nights here.

Had a lovely Valentines meal. Food great.

There is no aircon but had a fan which was sufficient.

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Hello South Island

Onward journey to Kenepuru Sound

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After having a snack in Picton, we went to the Cougar Ferry. Our luggage was already onboard. We had a bouncy and at times a little wet ride in the ferry, due to the fact we sat outside at the back. It was only a small ferry boat.

After this we were met by a man with a car but he could only take so many and so 4 had to be left behind. As we were one of the last to get off we offered to stay behind with another couple. He was a bit longer than the promised 10mins, but it was hot and sunny so we didn’t mind. Although I was regretting having my jeans on now.

He did come back to get us I’m pleased to say and he took us the 10min. ride to Te Mahia. Holding on tightly, a fast speedboat ride, this time across the Kenepuru Sound to the place we have both been looking forward to.

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Goodbye North Island

Ferry trip to South Island

28 °C
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Had a cab to Interislander Ferry Terminal as so much luggage. It wasn’t far, but we would have struggled. Our luggage was checked in, which was a very easy process, then onto the ferry. The weather was completely different to the previous day, being overcast and cool. I’m glad for my lightweight jeans and fleece.

The ferry was quite a large one with lots of vehicles. We chose to pay for the lounge with reclining chairs. It was worth the money, costing $20 each, but you also got a $15 voucher each to spend on food and drink. That would have been good if one hadn’t lost one of the vouchers. We blamed each other of course. To be fair it looked like a till receipt.

The journey was just over 3 hours and at first quite windy Once we were in the Queen Charlotte Sound it was sunny and warm. On with the sunglasses and off with the fleece.

We arrived in Picton to a gloriously hot and sunny afternoon.

The arrival lounge where we were to find our luggage wasn’t particularly large. I couldn’t see the carousel from where I was, there were so many people trying to catch sight of their cases. We hadn’t put our straps around, so identification was just that bit harder. It thinned out a bit and I was able to join Spencer. A man tried to take my suitcase before realising it wasn’t his. Spencer was on the case as I was about to pounce!! My worst fear is losing my suitcase.

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Art Deco & Ahuriri

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Went on an organised Art Deco tour. Saw a video first, then out on the town. What devastation and tenacity of the local people. We heard some heartwarming stories and sad ones too. I would definitely recommend the tour. You can learn so much more. We found out that the annual festival is to take place this weekend. I only wish we could have been here. It is supposed to be fabulous fun. Everyone dresses up and joins in. It will certainly bring the place alive!!

In the afternoon we walked to the West Quay in Ahuriri area of Napier and back again after a meal. It was about 9 kilometres. We were told that it was too far to walk. But we found it easy, even in the heat. Perhaps we are getting fitter??? 🏃‍♀️

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Leaving Rotorua - travelling to Napier

Monday 11th February 2019

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Left around 9am. On the way stopped at Haku Falls - really worthwhile. Lovely hot and sunny morning.
Drove on to Thermal Wonderland at Wai-O-Tapu (Taupo volcanic zone). Pre booked tickets. Fascinating thermal pools. Huge area. We watched the Geyser Lady Knox erupt. It can carry on erupting for up to an hour. But it only lasted about 10 mins. at most. Was a bit of an anti-climax actually. But saying that, the rest of the Thermal ‘Park’ was wonderful. We spent over an hour walking around and it was fabulous. NOTE OF WARNING for anyone visiting - they do NOT take cash. Even if you want a bottle of water you have to pay by card. Guess who didn’t read the (in my view very small) signs!! A quick sandwich here and moving on.

Stopped at Taupo for a cold drink and a banana split. It was rather larger than expected. I couldn’t eat it all but delicious.

After leaving here the road was at first very straight and boring. Spencer was in danger of falling asleep, so I took over. The journey got more interesting as we twisted and turned through the mountains.

Arrived in Napier and the sun was still shining.

Our apartment at The Quest is one of the best so far. There are only 2 with large balconies looking out over the front (albeit a car park view and houses on a hill beyond) and we are lucky to have one of those. With washing and drying facilities I can get up-to-date with our laundry. Forget the ironing bit!! This was one accommodation that we booked direct.

I even cooked a meal this evening!! This was mainly because we couldn’t find many restaurants open. There are lots of cafes that obviously close late afternoon and lots of shops, also closed by this time.

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