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March 2019


What would we do differently if anything

overcast 7 °C

Well what a difference a year makes. We really want to do it all again. Loved Singapore, Sydney and especially New Zealand. We would like to go to the places in NZ that we didn’t see.

Toyed with the idea of hiring a campervan but not sure we would save much money.

Due to the corona virus I can’t see that happening for a long time. Like everyone all our travel plans have been cancelled this year.

Let’s be positive and hope this nightmare will be over, but I think life as we know it isn’t going to be the same.

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Airport and then home

Onto Manchester

rain 6 °C

Arrived at airport having checked in online.

Faced with machines, firstly for printing boarding passes - so far so good.

Then an automated bag drop. Showing your boarding pass, labels are printed which you attach to your luggage. You then put one case on the individual conveyor belt to be weighed and recognised. But the machine didn’t recognise our labels. Help came along and the checking in staff had to fiddle with the label to get the bar code to register the case. At this point the belt stopped working altogether and everyone was putting their hand up for help. It was like being in a supermarket when your self serve till doesn’t recognise something in the bagging area.

Anyway all 3 bags went through eventually. After which we were asked for feedback. This is obviously a new thing and we just said bring back ‘humans’ to do the job.

No upgrade this time. But we were Premium Economy with extra leg room. Very comfy seats. We were about half an hour late taking off and as soon as we were up in the air, meals were being served. Considering it was 2.30 am neither of us were in the mood for food.

We dropped off to sleep and when we woke 6 hours had gone by. Excellent!

We were peckish by now and called for a snack, which bridged the gap.

Watched a couple of films and we were soon ready to land. Then a message from the captain said we had to circle round as there was too much air traffic. It wasn’t too long and we had an excellent landing. But oh dear Manchester was 6 degrees and raining. Almost 30 degrees less than Singapore. I think I will be shivering.

Cases were one of the first off, another advantage of Premium Economy. Transfer bus back to our car and it was still raining. 2 hour drive and we were home.

Awaiting our Tesco delivery.

Oh dear, back to reality. 🙁

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Singapore - Saturday

Our last day

sunny 35 °C
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It’s meant to be 35 degrees today - whew.

It was a fabulous blue sky. Walked to the hop on bus to Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall. So many designer shops in one place. Lovely to look around and dream. Amazing displays in some shops, especially Louis Vuitton. Zara is probably one of the more affordable shoppes there, it I didn’t see anything I wanted to buy.

Had lunch around the fountain and watched the ‘Rain Oculus’, a water tornado that seems to go on for a long time and quite noisy as it is indoors.

Back on the bus to Little India and had a walk around. Then onto Chinatown for a walk around. We preferred Chinatown, it was cleaner.

Onto us to Clarke Quay for a welcome drink after all our walking.

Back to the hotel to shower and finish our packing. Had a disastrous buffet meal at the hotel. Some items had run out and not been replenished. Other items were lukewarm. To be fair to the hotel, they did refund one of our meals after we complained.

A glass of champagne to toast our fantastic trip and then -

Our transfer car came early so off to the airport 😢

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After a good sleep

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We would prefer a hotel nearer the river but we will just have to do more walking.

After breakfast we walked to Chinatown to pick up the hop on bus to the Botanic Gardens. It was a really hot day. Had another quick look around. It’s beautiful.

Back on the bus to Oechard Avenue, which is full of designer shops. There is a mall - ION, which again is full of designer shops, at designer prices. Needless to say we didn’t buy anything.

Walked to the river for a drink and a snack (Indian), then back to the hotel for a swim in the pool.

In the evening we walked to the Fullerton, Waterfront by Merlion (which at the moment is covered in scaffolding) to watch the Spectre Light and Sound Show.

We were on the wrong side of the water to see and hear it properly. You need to be on the Marina Bay Shopping Mall side.

We left after 5 mins. We had seen a better light display on our first visit to Singapore all along the river.

Went for a Chinese meal by the river. Had I visited the loos beforehand, I would not have eaten there. Always a good tip - have a drink, visit the loo and then decide whether to eat or not.

Back to the hotel with aching feet for a drink in the lobby before bedtime.

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Well I didn’t do bad, considering my track record. I had about 6-7 bites. A couple are still irritating but at least they did not swell or react badly. Still putting Anthisan on.

I used the Repel maximum strength wipes regularly and our suntan cream contained insect repellent. I can’t understand how I still got bitten apart from one day we stopped at Ship Creek. There were sandflies everywhere. We did put repellent on, but we both, yes Spencer too, got bitten. They are irritating little critters. We ended up running to the car. There were a couple of people actually on the beach, how I don’t know. Such a pretty place too. It’s where the river meets the sea, with rainforest type trees at the edge of the river. This probably explains the sandflies.

We have both been bitten in Singapore but that would have been by mosquitoes.

You have to be consistent in putting repellent on, not just at night, but also during the day if you go near rainforest or wooded areas or any long grass. (Well I have to).

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